Abbot Pass Hut

Abbot Pass, Abbot Pass Hut, Lake Oesa, Lake Ohara, ACC Hut, ACC, Yoho, Banff

About This Project

We had worked our way up to this massive adventure all summer. In the end 7 of us managed to sync our work schedules to ensure this was one adventure we would never forget. Catching a bus from the Lake O’Hara access road we bounced up and down with excitement as we edged ever closer to Lake O’Hara. From there we hiked 10km, gained over 1000m of elevation and had 3 panic attacks. Panic attacks aside the trip as a roaring success and we spent one pretty magical night in the 2nd highest permanent structure in Canada.

Camping, Canada
Abbot Pass, ACC Hut, Canada, Lake O'Hara, Yoho
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